Comvita was a wellness brand before wellness brands were even a thing. The business has become a global powerhouse, with revenue into the hundreds of millions, using natural, New Zealand products like manuka honey for their health benefits. This episode of Flying the Fern features three generations of Comvita leadership; co-founder Alan Bougen, former CEO and current board chair Brett Hewlett and current CEO David Banfield.

Together, they talk to host David Downs about:

  • The lofty goals the company was started on, and how they’re only just starting to live them
  • Changing the way people think about honey as a health product, not just a food
  • The difference between being an A-grade company and being truly global
  • How New Zealand’s free thinking enabled the company’s growth 
  • How being from New Zealand automatically captures the attention of people overseas
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50 years of pioneering wellness
David Banfield (CEO), Brett Hewlett (Board Chair and Former CEO), Alan Bougen (Founder)
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Health and Beauty
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